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Just a note about the SCHEDULER. It's a free app that you can use anywhere. Ask anyone who used it for a demo. Use it from our website or put it on your phone home page, your desktop ... just link to 

It's a social tool to connect people and places to play. When you sign up, join region Sault Ste. Marie and check out all the courts, other members and the calendar. You can join sessions already scheduled or create your own. You can just put it out there that you want to play Friday at 4pm and any other member can join you. You can make your session private and just invite those you want to play. You can specify what level of players to include. Check out the Email Preferences on your account. You control how many emails you get. The choices are endless. For example, I like to play in the evening, so I've checked the box that sends me an email every time some one sets up an open session in the evening.


Please note that this is not a reservation tool ... it's just to set up games. Member only courts (WAC, YMCA, Algoma U) have reservation systems and time slots that you must use. You can use the note field to tell your group when you've actually completed or cancelled a reservation at WAC for example. City courts are first come, first serve, shorten game when others waiting. So even though you set up a session for 11am at Merrified, if the courts are full, you'll have to wait your turn or go elsewhere. 

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